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One of the first registered factoring companies in Serbia with more than a decade of experience in factoring. Thanks to the trust of our clients, today we are the largest factoring company in Serbia.

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Are you starting a business?

In our portfolio, we have a special service adapted to the needs of newly established small and medium-sized companies that need liquid funds and that will have receivables in the coming period.

Are you looking for an alternative to loans?

Factoring deals allow you to access liquid funds without
straining your balance sheets.

Are you a fast-growing company with a liquidity problem?

Instead of waiting for collection in the currency of maturity, you can sell your past due receivables and get cash immediately.

Are you looking for flexibility and speed in the execution of the transaction?

Without complicated
procedures, we process your request within 24 hours.

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Your request will be processed within 24 hours.


Within 48 hours from the conclusion of the contract. 


We analyze each of your requests with dedication, respecting the specifics of your inquiry.




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We are pleased to highlight our long-term cooperation with Gamico Factoring in the area of receivables insurance. Sharing common values, we continue our focus on building corporate trust, stable growth, and sustainable business models in the future.

Triglav insurance a.d.

Recognizing the importance of practical knowledge and experience for the professional development of our students, the Faculty of Economics has cooperated with more than 700 companies and institutions, one of which is Gamico Factoring. We are proud of the cooperation that provides our students with training programs, professional internships, mentoring and employment.

Center for Cooperation with the Economy
Faculty of Economics, University of Belgrade

Our multi-year cooperation with Gamico Faktoring, a leading factoring company on the local market, has a strategic character, because we share a common goal – raising awareness of the importance of receivables insurance.  Receivables insurance is an important risk protection mechanism, which contributes to the perspectives of sustainable corporate growth, helps cancel the financial risks assumed by the financial sector, improves the economic environment and finally creates the conditions for the sustainable economic development of the community in which both Gamico Faktoring and Wiener Städtische insurance operate.

Wiener Städtische a.d. osiguranje Beograd

We are very grateful to the company Gamico Faktoring doo for many years of wonderful cooperation and regular monthly support for the work of UNICEF in Serbia. Together, we implement numerous activities for the benefit of children and families in Serbia. Membership in the Club of Friends of UNICEF shows the commitment of companies to improve the position of children in our country and to contribute to the realization of children’s rights to health, education, and protection with their monthly donations. Thanks to the regular support of individuals and the business sector, our work represents hope for every child that they can achieve equal rights to a happy and fulfilled life. UNICEF in Serbia greatly appreciates the support it receives from the members of the Friends of UNICEF Club, whose help is the foundation of our work for the benefit of children in Serbia.

Vesna Savić Đukić

The selection of the best financial director of the year is an initiative that promotes the importance of transparent corporate management and is certainly one of the ways to improve economic performance as a whole, stimulate the investment climate, and thus strengthen the economy. In addition to Gamico Faktoring, I must point out that all the finalists were exceptional, each in their own way, and it was difficult for the jury to choose the best.

Aleksandra Gregović

Gamico Faktoring, through the engagement of our member, financial director Dijana Marković, is very active in the Association and at the regular monthly meetings of the Association, and we would especially like to mention the successful candidacy for the traditional election of CFO of the Year organized by the Association in cooperation with Deloitte. Due to her good results in 2021, Dijana was shortlisted for last year's competition and left a very good impression in the conversation with the jury.

CFO Srbija

Gamico Faktoring d.o.o.

Andrićev Venac 2 IV Sprat

11000 Beograd

Broj rešenja Ministarstva finansija o izdavanju odobrenja za poslove faktoringa


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